Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good things can come from complete screw ups. LOL

Last night I was working on my Mango Margarita candle. I did color the gel right and the more I tried to fix it the more off it was. LOL I ended up with this fiery iridescent (thanks to some cosmetic glitter) color. So I decided to add some pumpkin spice scent to it. Have you ever seen a red pumpkin? Here is some:

Now here's my candle:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Featured Artist: Week of 10/05-10/11

Stacy from California is the proud owner and creator of leaky mouth bibs.

Would you like to get to know Stacy? Here's a little bit about her...
Stacy is the mother of two. Her daughter is 10 1/2 years old and her son and inspiration for her bibs is 15 months old. After the birth of Stacy's son her family had a bit of a financial crisis. In an attempt to conserve money Stacy began making bibs and wash clothes for her own use even though she had only been sewing for a short time. She has been making bibs for about a year now and they are getting RAVE reviews.

After lots of trial and error she finally found a style and fabric combination that worked and kept my son's shirts dry. Stacy says, "He was the ultimate drooler and I would go through 10 bibs a day or more!"

Skull Printed Bib

I had a few questions for Stacy and here's what she had to say:

What is your favorite material to work with? One of my favorite fabrics is 100% cotton, I also love hemp fleece. I love cotton because it's simple and original. I love hemp fleece- mostly for the antifungal, antibacterial properties. Plus it's breathable, recyclable and non-allergenic. I also like PUL, I find it to be safe and unique!

Why did you decide to start selling bibs? When I was around town I had so many strangers compliment them and asked where to buy them. I then decided to sell them. I did some research and found Etsy.

How long have you been on Etsy? I opened my shop in April, but then didn't have the internet for another month! So I didn't start selling my bibs until May 08.

What do you love about Etsy? I absolutely fell in love with the Etsy community. So many wonderful, honest and loving people are in Etsy. Etsy's admin and other sellers too are always in the forums to help and cheer others on. I love to promote Etsy.

Do you have any new projects up your sleeves? I recently found an unique formula to make your own laundry soap, it saves you a ton of money! You can buy my trial kit in my shop and try it out to see if it's something you would like to make for the future. I use my own laundry soap for all my clothes, family clothing and my sons cloth diapers! It's better than anything I've used before and you can make a Gallon for only a few dollars.

Take advantage of Stacy's BUY ONE GET SECOND 1/2 OFF SALE going on right now!

Make your own soap and save $$$!

What her buyers have to say:

I can't wait to try this! Thanks for making this great kit!


So cute! Thank you very much. This will be perfect for my son's 1st birthday!


Great product, very helpful seller! Thank you :)


So cute, loved them. Thank you so much.


Newest Addition

Just thought I would share the latest addition to my store with my fellow bloggers. This is my Appletini Candle. It comes in a 10 martini glass and is garnished with a cherry embed.

As if the Green Apple scent wasn't wonderful enough....as the candle reached the bottom you will notice a hint of cherry scent....that's right, even the wax cherry embed is scented.
They are available at my store right now. :-)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Featured Artist: Week of 09/28 - 10/04

What a wonderful way to start our artist feature…..with SUGAR and Keeping It Simply Sweet offers it by the box full.

Chocolate Coconut and Almond Clusters

The artist behind these simply sinful creations is Micki. She is the happily married mother of two boys from Tennessee.

Micki has taken and passed all of the required classes in her area in order to be a licensed food handler. All of her items are made in a Health Department inspected and passed kitchen. All of the items she makes are made with the finest ingredients available and no preservatives have been added to make them last longer.

Campfire Smores Gourmet Popcorn

All of Micki’s gourmet popcorn weighs at least 1lb, giving you lots of ooey, gooey goodness but be careful your….your family may devour it before you even know it has arrived.

I had a few questions for the popcorn queen and here is what she had to say:

1) How long have you been making gourmet popcorn, homemade marshmallows and candies? I started making them in April but didn’t start selling them until this summer.

2) Where do you get your inspiration from? Friends, Family and combinations that sound so good to me.

3) What does your family think about you gooey creations? Well they all have gained some weight since I started making goodies…lol

4) What is your favorite item that you offer? I really can’t pick any one item…I Love them all. I will not make something I will not eat myself.

5) How long have you been a member of Etsy? I joined around the first of the year, but the shop opened in April.

6) What is your favorite part about the Etsy community? The wonderful friends I have made.

7) Any funny candy/popcorn making fiasco’s? Well not popcorn..but lets just say that hard stage candy does not do well when it hits cold items….lol I’m still finding that sticky mess in places I would never have thought it would be.

Cinnamon Red Hot Homemade Marshmallows

By now I am sure you are drooling on your screen and ready to order one of everything but I wanted to provide you with one more thing that will convince you that this woman has some serious talent when it comes to sugary, sweet goodness….customer feedback. All of the feedback you are about to read are from real customers. ENJOY!

Delish!! Crispy and buttery sweet. Just the right amount of seasoning. Made the mistake of giving some to the kids, now I have to hide it!! I’m going to order a gooey chocolatey one next time. This would make a great gift for the popcorn lover.
Thanks so much KISS!


Oh, YUM. I mean YUM! Popcorn that is coated in ooey-gooey cinnamon-ey goodness…I love a good cinnamon roll, and now I have an entire batch of popcorn over which I can delude myself thinking it must be at least a little more nutritious than a Cinnabon, right? lol…even if it isn’t, it’s TOTALLY worth the indulgence! Complete, melt-in-your-mouth incredibleness.


Ahhh. Does it get any better than you? Tres fabu! To die for. Partner is noshing as I type this! You have no idea! I shall be back for more and more and more and did I say more? (smile). Perfect shipping!!


Delicious!! Your popcorn doesn’t disappoint! My daughter LOVES the cinnabonn with raisins gourmet popcorn, and thinks it;s such a special treat. She carefully eats out every plump little raisin first, and then savors the popcorn! Thanks for making such a yummy product for my daughter and I to share for some special time!

Lacking a sweet tooth? It’s alright, Micki has great popcorn for lovers of all things savory.

White Cheddar and Black Pepper Gourmet Popcorn

I hope you enjoyed our first feature as there are many more to come and I hope each of you take a moment to stop by Micki’s wonderful store!

Weekly Featured Artist

There are so many talented people on etsy that many slip through the cracks which is unfortunate for buyers and sellers alike.

This is my attempt to help those artist get the exposure they deserve and to help etsy consumers find some really great products they may have otherwise missed out on.

Each week (Starting this Sunday) I will present you with a new artist. Each blog will include pictures of available items, background information on the artist, comments from previous buyers and a link to their store.


Also, if you know someone who you would like to see a feature on, please let me know so I may contact the artist.

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